At López Muelas Abogados we specialise in international child abduction. We have managed to ensure that many children abducted by their parents have been successfully returned to their country of habitual residence.

 We collaborate with the best lawyers specialising in international child abduction who practice in different countries around the world. Working with an international team of professionals who are experts in this area of law is much more successful in this type of legal proceedings.

 International child abduction proceedings arise when a parent moves or retains their child in a country other than their country of habitual residence without the consent or authorisation of the other parent. Or with a judicial authorisation to do so.

 It is therefore of the utmost importance to seek the advice of a lawyer with expertise in international child abduction so that preventive measures can be taken before such a wrongful removal or retention takes place. If the wrongful removal or retention has taken place, it is essential to act quickly and take appropriate advice to return the child to his or her habitual residence.

 Our experience in such a complex legal area as international child abduction is our guarantee, having obtained very satisfactory results in very complex cases where the whereabouts of the children were not even known.