Lola López-Muelas Vicente

The law firm, with more than 25 years of professional practise devoted to Family Law, stands out for its personal, direct dealings with clients, and is strongly committed to all their legal matters.
We take on the responsibility of leading all legal processes, guaranteeing an absolute legal rigour in all our actions, while taking the personal aspects of clients into account in each case.
Lola López Muelas personally has a direct relationship with her clients, by counselling them and defending their interests right up to the final step of the trial.
We have a team of collaborators in other supplementary matters to Family Law (Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law, etc.) in order to offer you a wide range of possibilities and attention in all necessary areas.


  • We are professionals specialised in Family Law and International Private Law.

  • Our main compromise is the defence of our customers’ rights and, above all, the defence in the interest of children.

  • We are experts in collaborative negotiation and mediation and therefore we try to reach agreements as far as they benefit our clients’ interests.

  • The relationship with our clients is always of absolute confidentiality and transparency.

  • We deal all our clients directly and personally.

  • We do an intense follow up of all legal matters and inform our clients in detail.

  • Our legal training is continuous and specialised.

  • We are in constant communication with our clients, and inform and counsel them during the whole process.

  • We keep direct contact with other professionals outside our borders that collaborate with us in order to offer the best legal counsel to those families involved in any international matter.

Lola López-Muelas V.
Antonio Illán.
José Antonio García.
Sonia Sanchez.
Claudia Ferri.
Eva María Pérez.


Lola López Muelas is a founder member and the director of the law firm. She has been practicing since 1993, with more than 25 years of professional experience. She is an expert in National and International Family Law.
She has attended many specialisation courses both in national and international Family Law, and nowadays continues to take part in different congresses, both in Spain and abroad.

Many different international congresses of Family Law have seen her as a speaker, discussing areas such as patria potestas and custody, alimonies, succession or collaborative negotiation.

She was during 5 years the coordinator of the Section of Family of the Illustrious Bar Association of Murcia, by which training and specialisation in Family Law and International Family Law was promoted.

Member of different Prestigious International Solicitors Societies, with which she has shared lots of training sessions in procedural and civil issues, custodies, child abduction, estate settlements, Private International Law, Inheritance Law, etc.

Mediator. Specialist in Mediation by the School of Legal Practice of Murcia.

Founder and President of AIJUDEFA


Member of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers (AEAFA), coordinating and directing the different sessions held in Murcia by the Illustrious Bar Association in collaboration with the AEAFA.


Member of International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL).


Member of ASIME.


Expert in collaborative negotiation, founder and President of the Association of Collaborative Family Solicitors (ACF).